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Muah… April 5, 2011

My  name is Jalyn and I’m a dog lovin’, veggie eatin’, tree huggin’, adventure seekin’ space cadet.  I live in my favorite Michigan city, Royal Oak, with my boyfriend, Jim, and our three awesome pups, Cooper, Gails and Wally.  About a year ago I transitioned to a plant-based diet and I’ve been having a lot of fun learning how to cook vegan foods that not only meet my nutritional needs, but are delicious as well!

I’ve decided to start this blog because I’ve been boring and likely annoying my meat-eating boyfriend, friends and family with tales of my new creations and discoveries.  So, I needed another outlet for my experiences and hopefully some of you will find them interesting and/or relevant.


One Response to “Muah…”

  1. Michelle Battice Says:

    We weren’t annoyed!!!! have fun blogging and cooking! but you should still share your pics with us, look you’ve already got a few people considering changing their lifestyle!

    love, mom

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